The complex nature of human beings means that we all need channels to let out frustrated, angry, anxious, compulsive, obsessive and depressive thoughts that plague our subconscious and adversely affect our day to day lives. Finding viable channels to express and process these emotions enables us to restore calm and learn to deal with everyday situations that trigger our frequently biased responses and poor reflections of ourselves.

A word of art started as a street art project in Cape Town however unbeknown to the original artist inspired a presentation of hosted in a group session of the Recovery Direct outpatient programme. The context of the original street art movement was to inspire a social change in South Africa and this was later adapted to a social changes to the perceptions and stigmas that surrounded addiction and addiction treatment.

You were never created to live defeated, guilty, ashamed or unworthy.
You were created to be victorious, limitless and great in every way.